Method Statements

So a Risk Assessment looks at the significant risks associated with a job for example roof tiling. A Method Statement sets out in writing what steps are to be followed to undertake a job safely. A good Method Statement will cover everything from first arrival at the workplace, detail how the work area is to be set out and the work done and will close by setting out the clean-up afterwards!

Need help with a one-off Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) for a particular job? B-Safe can provide a written risk assessment on a one-off basis from only £45.00 + VAT per assessment. Simply contact us now to discuss your requirements and for details of turnaround times.

Due on site but cannot start until you have provided a written RAMS? Contact B-Safe now. Subject to workload we can provide a next-day service including emailing your one-off Risk Assessment to the Client and/or Principal Contractor for £65.00+VAT per assessment. Note: B-Safe next day service is subject to existing workload and not guaranteed. Please give us as much notice as possible and you will not only save money on your Risk Assessments but also avoid contract delays. No-one wants to have operatives on site who cannot start until the paperwork has come through!

As the impact of Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) begins to affect Independent Contractors by requiring a written Risk Assessment before they can start the contract, B-Safe feels it is important to provide this service. If you haven’t got time to do this then contact B-Safe with details of your requirements. If we can help, we will.